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Logix Contact is known as a top social media agency in the UAE, Pakistan and other countries offering premium social media management services. From social account creation to managing them, you can avail of any amenity you want.

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Our team has Facebook business managers, Twitter account managers and all the other creators who can handle any or every social media platform while creating your account. So, if you want any social media marketing services, we can set up a quick account for you and guide you properly.
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Account Creation

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Whether you want an Instagram influencer account, a Pinterest company account or a Facebook business account, our experts can set up an account according to your needs. We have years of experience in this field and our services do not stop right here. From creating new Facebook accounts to managing Twitter accounts to increasing followers, we can help you with any or every social account service.
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For every business or brand, social media posting is not enough to be successful. It should be effective and reach the right audience. Social media marketing is crucial for every marketer out there who wants to make their online presence strong. These social platforms include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and many more.

If you have an old social media account that has already grabbed a number of audiences and you want to make it run again, you can simply come to our team and our social media handlers will fix the issues and make sure the right audience is now engaged.

We understand the essentials of every social media platform, from creating a perfect profile, either for a simple account or a professional one, to setting it up correctly so that it will get attention from the right group of consumers.

So, being one of the leading social media marketing companies, we provide some very excellent services while guiding every customer on how to handle their accounts after perfectly setting up their profiles. We help you select the social platform according to your brand. Our team will optimize the profile, plan a social media marketing strategy, focus on audience engagement and do the analytics.

Check out how People Are Getting Benefits from Social Platforms

In this digital age, there is no one out there without having any social media account. It is either for personal use or for business. For every brand, effective marketing has now become necessary to have strong online visibility. This graph here shows how many people in the world own their accounts and are getting benefits from these platforms.

Facebook: Over 2.8 billion users get active or create accounts on Facebook. This is a leading platform for personal communications and business purposes.

Instagram: With 1 billion users getting active on Instagram on a monthly basis, this platform is becoming another visually engaging platform, allowing you to share experiences and get inspiration.

Twitter: There are almost 330 million people who are active on Twitter monthly. It is a platform for real-time conversions, new updates, and networking opportunities.

LinkedIn: This professional platform has over 774 million active monthly users worldwide. It benefits you with career opportunities, industry insights and many professional resources. 

Pinterest: Pinterest gets 450 million monthly active users, serving as a source of inspiration and a source for individuals looking for some unique, cool, vintage and other ideas for anything.

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Logix Contact is the number one social media company that has won awards in this field, making every customer pleased with its amenities.

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You can contact our team of experts with any query regarding your social media account and ask for a free consultation.

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We are offering you our top-notch social media account creation and management services at very competitive pricing worldwide.

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Our team always makes sure that our customers are 100% satisfied every time by going above and beyond while working for them.

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As a leading agency, we believe in and focus on efficient working and, thus, do the complete account step in a short time.

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