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If you want to stand out from the competition, video content is always the king. At Logix Contact we are providing you with our top-notch video editing and animation services at very cost-effective rates.

Our Team Has Done A Wide Range of Videographic Projects

From 2D animation or 3D animation to cartoon videos, our experts have done a spectrum of every type of project online using advanced tools and technologies.

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No matter if you want us to make a brand video for you or if you want an anime website, our team of experts will help you according to your needs and will fulfil every requirement. We have some very good video editors through which you can get the perfect video animations. Our team is committed to using the best online video editors, like Adobe Animate, Wondershare Filmora and Adobe Video Editor, every time.
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Understand Everything About Video Editing & Animation

It is always important to understand everything about the service you are going to avail. And we consider it as our duty to let you know how this service works and how you can take advantage with it. So, we specialize in video editing, motion graphics and animated videos, including manga anime, kingdom anime, best romance anime and many more.

You can use some free online tools to add animation or to do editing in the videos. These video editing softwares include an AI video editor online, an audio and video editor, video cropping online, a photo video maker, an animation maker, adobe character animator, etc.

From explainer videos to excellent anime art, you can come to us for any or every project. Prioritizing your preferences and delivering exactly what you want makes us one of the best video production companies. However, our video production services do not stop here; we can provide you with some really cool and funny cartoon characters or anime characters as per your requirements. We are Dubai, UAE’s top video editors and animation makers.

Why Should You Select Us for Video Editing & Animation?

Logix Contact is one of the top-rated companies in the UAE, Pakistan and other countries offering its amenities all around the world.

Client-Centric Approach

We always prioritize our customers' preferences and work according to them, thus following a client-centric approach.

Competitive Pricing

You will find our rate quite competitive as we do not burden our clients; thus, you can enjoy our services while staying within your budget.

Free Consultation

Call our professional at any time in case of any queries regarding your project and they will provide you with free consultation.

Quality Assurance

Our team always make sure that our customers are getting quality work because we believe in quality and never compromise on it.

Award-Winning Company

Logix Contact has won so many awards in this field, thus standing out as a leading company worldwide.

Our Way to Proceed with Every Project

We have a team with years of experience who can work on any or every project while proceeding in a very organized manner to complete every task on time.


Our time is bound to discuss everything in detail before jumping straight on to the workings of the project with the client.


Then, our video editors make a plan on how to execute it so that everything gets done on time, accordingly.


We will do editing and work on animations according to our client’s requirements while focusing on every detail.


Our quality of delivering every project on time makes us unique among all the other companies in the UAE.

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