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Logix Contact is now offering you its account handling services along with effective marketing through social media for your brand. So, if you are a business owner, you can understand how marketing can effect your overall growth.

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We are offering our customers some exclusive social media management packages. Our social media marketing team can facilitate you with all sorts of social platform solutions. From social media planning to social media accounts handling, we specialize in providing every solution regarding your social accounts.

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We have a team of social media specialists who can handle any or every account, whether it's personal or business. We use a social media post scheduler to post through your account right on time so that your engagement can be increased. Along with handling your social accounts, we can also do social boosting so that you can interact with the right audience and get facilitated.
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The Importance of Effective Social Media & Management

Social media always helps you get in touch with your audience and grow your business so that it can reach new heights. For this purpose, proper management of your social accounts is necessary. It includes managing your Facebook, observing Twitter analytics, checking Instagram post engagement and much more.

For effective social media marketing, you always need a proper strategy that you follow and get results. And our team of social media content creators always does every task, whether it is account creation or management, with any social media strategy.

With proper social media management, including Facebook advertising management, Instagram account management or Twitter analytics, you can increase your brand’s visibility. This thing enables businesses to engage with the audience directly. Moreover, it builds customer loyalty and manages the brand’s good reputation.

Our team guarantees traffic to your accounts that can be converted into loyal customers. We always remain up to date with trends and apply new tactics for the best results. Analyzing competitors, handling your social accounts and being accountable are what make us unique.

Performance Insight: Impact of Proper Social Account Handling

We are committed to providing our clients with the best and thus facilitating them with performance insights so that they can see the impact of proper account handling for different platforms. The graph here shows how each platform can benefit you when handled by professionals.

Facebook: When your Facebook personal or especially business account gets handled by social media specialists, there is a 50% increase in engagement and reach. 

Instagram: People usually experience a 60% boost in their follower growth and engagement when our experts handle their social media accounts in a proper way. 

LinkedIn: Along with account handling, our team can even optimize your LinkedIn profile well. Our clients see an average of a 55% increase in their connection requests.

Pinterest: Our team makes sure there is a 70% increase in the traffic on your Pinterest account and in its engagement while increasing your brand’s awareness among the audience.

Twitter: You will see a 50% increase in your Twitter followers when our social media handlers manage it, taking your account presence to the next level with their expertise.

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At Logix Contact, you will always get exactly what you want, as we always prioritize our customer’s requirements and do everything to fulfil them.

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Come to our professionals with any query, and they will guide you thoroughly, making sure you get every query cleared.

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Every client of ours is completely satisfied with our premium social media account handling and management services.

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We are offering our amenities at very reasonable rates so that you can come to us when your budget is low.

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Our team promises you the exact results you want through their skillset and expertise in marketing and management.

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