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LinkedIn is no doubt a professional platform where you can easily sell your services. So, if you are looking for a specialist who can manage your account or run LinkedIn ads well, welcome to Logix Contact, where we advertise professionally at fair prices.

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With our effective LinkedIn ads campaign services, you will always get 100% results. Our company offers you the best digital marketing services, from meta ads to linkedin ads and thus never compromises on the work. We prioritize our customersā€™ preferences and give them the utmost respect for their opinions.
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At our software development company Logix Contact, you will find a team of advertisers here who have years of experience in this field and promise you the most effective results. No matter if you want your post to get maximum views and engagement or if you want to get a large number of connection requests, our team is always here to help you out with any or everything. We use advanced strategies to market your brand or services and cost you really little.
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Understand Everything About the LinkedIn Platform

Our SMM marketers find it a huge responsibility to make their customers understand everything about the service they are going to avail themselves of. Therefore, we are here to let you know everything about the LinkedIn platform and LinkedIn ads.

LinkedIn is a professional platform where you can find career opportunities, jobs, research companies, etc. It is different from all other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, etc. However, some of its features are similar like groups, posting, discussion forums, etc.

Being an individual, you can use this platform to find new job opportunities, research new companies, connect with businesses and get to know about new technologies and industries. Being a salesperson, you can use it to generate leads. While being a recruiter, you can use it to find perfect candidates for the new positions opening in your office.

With enough knowledge about this platform, our ad specialists guarantee you to boost your account through ad campaigns while fulfilling your every requirement.

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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

For the ease of our customers and to save time, here we answer some of the queries that almost everyone asks.

1. Can You Guide Me in Advertising My Services on LinkedIn?

Of course, our experts are always available and ready to guide you and serve you with their services. You can come up with any confusion, and we will clear the air from your head.

2. Which One of the LinkedIn Ads is the Best?

Video ads have become one of the most popular ways of communicating and selling your services, not only on LinkedIn but on every other social platform.

3. What Things Are Not Allowed on LinkedIn?

On LinkedIn, fake profiles, illegal activities, harassment, inappropriate content, spamming, IP violations, and sharing sensitive information about anyone are strictly prohibited.

4. Are Google Ads Better Than LinkedIn Ads?

Each one of them has its own pros, such as Google ads being used to reach a larger audience. However, you can use LinkedIn to excel at targeting professionals.

5. Why LinkedIn Ads Are Always So Expensive?

On this platform, advertisers compete for limited ad space. Other than this, LinkedIn ads target professionals directly, and this is the main reason they are so expensive.

6. What Do You Think a Good CPC is for LinkedIn?

However, the CPC depends on various factors like targeting audiences, ad quality, and type of post. But a good CPC can vary between $3 to $7.

Why Should You Select Us for LinkedIn Ads Solutions?

We are well-known in the entire market of the UAE & Pakistan. Not only that, but we also provide our premium LinkedIn ad services to all other countries in the world, satisfying every customer.
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